Formaldehyde Free Nail Formulas

Protein Formula For Nails Treatments do not contain any form of Formaldehyde in their strengtheners and instead rely on key quality ingredients to provide nourishment and strength. Formaldehyde is an ingredient found in some nail hardeners and nail polishes. It may be listed on the product label as formaldehyde or by different names, such as 'formalin' and 'methylene glycol'.

Formaldehyde was a key ingredient in some nail strengtheners as it bonds with the keratin that occurs naturally in the nails, making the nails harder.

Using these nail hardeners often, however, may make nails brittle and more likely to break or peel. Nail products that contain formaldehyde may also cause skin irritation, as well as allergic reactions to this ingredient. Formaldehyde in cosmetics and nail products have been banned in the EU & UK not only for being a known carcinogen, but also for being associated with respiratory problems.

Key Quality Ingredients - For Maximum Nail Strength

Protein Formula for Nails have spent years researching and developing their targeted formulas to ensure you get the best results by using key quality ingredients. The following key ingredients are found in the various Protein Formula For Nails treatments and their benefits are targeted to give maximum strength to the nail.


Biotin is found in Protein Formula 2 & Formula 4 to help improve nail strength. Biotin also called B7 is part of the family of B vitamins. Biotin has been shown to improve nail strength and length by fortifying the nails which will help prevent splitting and breaking.


Glycerin is found in Protein Formula 2, Formula 3 & Formula 4 to add strength to the nails whilst also moisturising and brightening the nail plate. Glycerin is a powerful humectant so it not only strengthens but also prevents brittleness by preventing moisture loss from the nail plate.


Hexanal promotes the growth of strong healthy nails by increasing nail strength whilst also maintaining flexibility in the nail plate to prevent it from going brittle. Hexanal is also known for its conditioning benefits and can help promote rapid healing of the natural nail. Hexanal is found in all of the Protein Formulas.