Nails are made from a fibrous structural protein called Keratin. Keratin Protein gives nails resilience and strength.

Protein will establish and maintain nail health, but like hair and skin, nail health fall into various categories and types, the four main types being:

1. Healthy Nails

2. Soft, Peeling Nails that struggle to maintain length

3. Hard, Dehydrated Nails 

4. Damaged, Sensitive Nails

Find your nail type below to discover which PROTEIN FORMULA FOR NAILS nail treatment you should be using...

Healthy Nails

Healthy nails are recognised by good flexibility, healthy pinkish colour and a light sheen to the nail surface. This is the type of nails clients should be aiming for. These nails require the correct balance of conditioners and protein to maintain nail health.

Soft, Peeling Nails

This type of nail is recognised by peeling layers particularly at the free edge and can feel thin to touch. This type of nail splits easily and nail growth is impossible, and a struggle to maintain any length. 

Hard, Dehydrated Nails

Strong, dehydrated and occasionally ridged, these nails are brittle and snap easily due to lack of moisture. They tend to break lower down the free edge and often at the side wall. They can often look flaky and lose their healthy pink colour.

Damaged, Sensitive Nails

Nails can be badly damaged or in poor condition especially following incorrect artificial nail removal. Nails may have built up sensitivity due to medication, poor health or the demands of life. These nails need nail strengthener and conditioning treatment.