When it comes to nail strengthener, the real question on everyone’s mind is do nail strengtheners really work? When we say proof is in the Protein Nail Formula, we really do mean it. Here’s why. 

Protein and amino acids are essential for healing and repairing damaged tissue, including that of hair, skin and nails. Protein also increases cell turnover which is the ‘shedding’ of old skin, hair and nail cells to make room for new cells.

You may be thinking why do I need a protein nail strengthening treatment?

Proteins are made up of many building blocks known as amino acids, our body needs to supply amino acids for the growth and maintenance of our cells and tissues. Our nails are no different to the rest of our bodies, except they’re made from a fibrous structural protein called keratin which gives our nails resilience and strength. Just like our bodies need an extra boost to help maintain a healthy body, our nail health is no different.

Are all nail strengtheners the same?

You might be wondering why we’ve created four Protein Formula Nail Strengtheners. Each of our Protein Formula For Nails nail treatments contain their own hero ingredients which are formulated to target specific nail care needs and concerns.

Protein Formula Maintain - Maintain nail treatment contains plant keratin which actively leaves the nails feeling healthy and conditioned, combined with a balance of AHA's for added moisture. This unique blend helps to maintain strong and nourished nails to keep them in optimum health.

Protein Formula Grow - Grow nail treatment formula is a concentrated blend of Panthenol,  Plant Keratin and AHA’s which help the nail structure become denser as it helps to rebuild the links between damaged keratin fibres. Biotin increases nail strength and length.

Protein Formula Hydrate - Hydrate nail treatment contains a rich concentration of AHA's and Panthenol to help hydrate the nails and increase nail flexibility, defending the nails from brittleness and breakage. Active moisturising plant keratin proteins and Glycerin combine to leave the nails feeling conditioned and healthy. 

Protein Formula Strengthen - Strengthen nail treatment formula contains a powerful combination of Biotin, AHA’s and Hexanal which help restructure and strengthen damaged nails. The deeply nourishing blend of ingredients including Panthenol and Glycerin promote moisturised, hydrated and healthy nails.

Which Protein Formula nail strengthener should I use?

Before you reach for a generic nail strengthener or nail hardener remember your nails just like your hair and skin, fall into various different categories and types. To get the maximum benefits from the nail treatment, it is important to work out which category your nails fall into to enable you to select the right Protein Formula For Nails nail strengthener for you.

Healthy Nails

These are recognised by their good flexibility, healthy pink colour and light sheen to the nail surface. This is the type of nails we should be aiming for. These nails require the correct balance of conditioners and protein to maintain nail health. We would recommend Protein Formula Maintain.

Soft, Peeling Nails

This type of nail is recognised by peeling layers particularly at the free edge and can feel thin to touch. This type of nail splits easily and nail growth is impossible, and a struggle to maintain any length. We would recommend Protein Formula Grow.

Hard, Dehydrated Nails

Hard, dehydrated and occasionally ridged, these nails snap easily due to lack of moisture. They can look dull, almost flaky and tend to split low down on the side walls. We would recommend Protein Formula Hydrate.

Damaged, Sensitive Nails

These nails can be badly damaged or in poor condition especially following incorrect artificial nail removal. Nails may have built up sensitivity due to medication, poor health or the demands of life. We would recommend Protein Formula Strengthen. Once you have found your nail type you can start using the recommended Protein Formula nail treatment which has been created with the correct blend of protein concentration and key ingredients to target your individual nail health.

How To Apply Protein Formula For Nails

How long should you keep nail strengthener on, is a question we get asked frequently, for maximum results it is recommended you apply Protein Formulas Grow, Hydrate & Strengthen to clean bare nails. Apply 1 coat of nail strengthener every other day over the top of each other for a maximum of 7 days and then remove. Continue this until nail condition improves and then move onto Protein Formula Maintain. Protein Formula Maintain can be used on its own in the same routine as above or as a basecoat under your favourite nail polish shade.

Can You Over-Strengthen Your Nails?

Absolutely! It is key when using a Protein Formula nail treatment to keep monitoring your nails and keep track of your nail health journey, as your nail health improves. Remember you are always aiming for your nails to get into the Healthy Nail category where they can effectively be maintained by Protein Nail Formula MaintainIf your nails are naturally very dry, strong and dehydrated and you are using Protein Nail Formula Hydrate you don’t want to over use it, as your nails can become too soft and flexible. Similar for soft peeling nails being treated by Protein Nail Formula Grow once your nails have strengthened and you are maintaining growth you don’t want to over strengthen them to the point they become hard and brittle.

Find the correct Protein Formula For Nails for you today.