2024 Nail Trends with Robbie Tomkins

February 20, 2024 3 min read

2024 Nail Trends with Robbie Tomkins

We sat down with Robbie Tomkins to ask him about his predictions for nail trends for 2024. Hear what he had to say below:

In terms of colour trends, we’re going to see a lot more ‘jelly’, transparent, muted and sheer colours and tones - especially as the PANTONE colour for 2024 is Peach Fuzz - a ‘velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body’. For those wanting to keep it simple, sheer and glossy, why not kill two birds with one stone, and tap into another big trend for 2024 (see below), by opting for a nail strengthener? Protein Formula offers a super glossy treatment called Maintain aimed at those who want to maintain healthy nails by aiding with moisture retention and flexibility. The best part is that it can double up as a base coat or be worn on its own for nail superfood, sheer, on-trend perfection!

2023 was the year that nail art went truly 3D! From bubbly gel designs, to products such as gel clay or putty becoming increasingly popular with lots of brands jumping on the bandwagon, nail art that literally popped off your nails became a huge trend and is something that is going to continue over the next year. I’m excited as I don't think we’ve peaked with this trend quite yet so expect even more outlandish, sculptural 3D designs in 2024.

In terms of nail shape, I predict more people will be going longer in 2024. Super short square and 'squoval' shape nails became popular in 22/23, but I think as more celebrities and influencers experiment with the more adventurous nail art looks only achieved on long nails (as above), this will naturally have a knock on effect to those at home wanting to replicate the look themselves. For a quick fix I personally love using full cover or ‘soft gel tips’, especially when a client asks for extra long length, as I find them easier and faster to create than a traditional tip and overlay. Thankfully most nail brands who offer these have cottoned on to this and are constantly expanding their nail shape and size range. Those who want to move away from enhancements but perhaps struggle to grow out their nails due to them becoming soft, thin, peeling or weak, I’d recommend using a nail strengthener such as Protein Formula’s Grow. The breathable formulation allows oxygen and hydration to pass through and condition the nails.

Skittle nail art, where a different pattern, design or colour is applied to each nail, has been popular in recent years and is set to continue into 2024 but with a more extreme look and feel. Think beyond just miss-matched colours or designs and more into different lengths, shapes and sizes with random 3D creations or piercings on one or two nails. Definitely one for the brave and adventurous but on the plus side a look that ‘goes with everything’.

Chrome continues to go from strength to strength and we’ve already seen a myriad of new ways this can be used. Chrome has also moved beyond being just a powder with some brands releasing liquid ‘paint-on’ chrome which is less messy and easier to transport if you’re mobile. We can expect to see artists finding even more new and creative ways of creating chrome looks next year with the emphasis being on ‘effects’ such as iridescence and custom blends and colours.

Natural, 'barely there' nails, including the ‘lip gloss’ mani, were big trends of 2023 but usually created with gel polish. 2024 however will see actual natural nails having a bit of a comeback which may prove to be a bit of a headache for long-term fans of nail enhancements such as BIAB or acrylic but thankfully there is another nail trend which could have the answer….

Targeted, prescriptive natural nail treatments and ‘strengtheners’ are going to become super popular in 2024. Historically brands have included ‘a’ nail strengthener in their line up however one treatment doesn't necessarily suit all nail issues. One brand that is leading the charge in this field is Protein Formula who have engineered four very different targeted formulas, all harnessing the nail’s natural building blocks, keratin protein. They have also created a rather clever online nail damage diagnostic tool for those unsure of which formula will best suit their particular nail issue.