Maintaining Nail Health Through Gel Cycling

What is ‘gel cycling’?

The concept of ‘cycling’ in beauty involves taking a break from the more aggressive parts of routines to allow for respite. You may be familiar with cycling with skin and hair, taking a break from harsh chemicals or heat stylers but in the world of nails, this means taking a break from gel manicures to use a nail polish or even no product at all, as well as targeting any issues with your nails to maintain good health.

Is ‘gel nail cycling’ for me?

Gel nail cycling is good for anyone who is regularly having gel manicures as it will keep your nails healthier and stronger in the long run. Gel polish offers no health benefits to the nail and so consistent use of gel polish over a long period of time will weaken and damage the nail. The practice is best for nails that need some TLC – if they are wonky, spotted or discoloured. Or if they’re weak or brittle.

How do I ‘gel cycle’?

Cycling does not just mean not using gels, you must ensure you are taking extra care of your hands and nails. During the rest period it is essential that you keep your nails hydrated and nourished. The best way to do this is through using a targeted nail care routine, such as Protein Formula For Nails, to provide the ultimate TLC, keeping natural nails healthy and intact. Ensure you are catering to the needs of your nails during this period. For instance, if your nails have become dry and brittle, opt for a hydrating nail treatment like Protein Formula 3.

A final takeaway

Use the health of your nails as a guide for when you need a break from your gels. The general advice is to give the manicure a rest for a week every few months but give it a little longer if your nails are looking a little weaker than you’d like. And remember: the health of your nails is more important than the look of a perfect manicure!